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Trends In Circles

Today I am sitting in front of a blank piece of paper trying to summon inspiration.

As I resorted to browsing the internet I came across a project by Sonnenhof / J. Mayer. H. Architects featured on Arch Daily. I was instantly thinking about Space Age aesthetics and dreams of a more futuristic… future.

Space Age!Indeed it seemed to me that this could be a set in a fantasy of Stanley Kubrick.  I just had to google images from the Odyssey.

Odyssey1 Odyssey2 Odyssey3



Wisdom For The Ages

If I can pass just one piece of wisdom on to the generations to come it will be this: eat breakfast (and follow up with a good lunch too).

IMG_0443Since I actually got into the habit of kickstarting my body with some proper food and following up with solid fuel at lunch my days have become so much better. Especially when I manage a light dinner so that I don’t go to sleep with a body that needs to spend all of its energy digesting.

Spontaneous Dinner

Patrick brought home meat. I had cheese of different kinds. One quick trip to the shop and it all worked out perfectly.


Fruity Morning

The Patrick is promoting some healthy living these days. Which means we have an amazing amount of fruit and vegetables in the kitchen. I love it. We are going to sign up for a local produce co-op later today – it will be amazing to get fresh and locally grown food into the house on a regular basis.

This morning I’m having a whole lot of fruit on top of my cereal – or maybe it’s more like I’m having cereal under my fruit.


On top of all this we have gotten into the habit of making delicious orange/lemon/ginger juice which is a very relaxed and fun activity to be doing together in the kitchen and at the same time the product is so damn delicious.



Really. Is this a pie, tart or cake? Around here we simply refer to it as an applecake but danish language is notoriously imprecise.

As I was discussing with The Randi one of the hardest things for me to do is to follow a recipe. My head is too disorganised and I have trouble doing, reading and mentally processing information at the same time. Learning how to cook has for me been a process of learning by heart how to treat different ingredients and then combinning the results. I can cook complicated dishes and I’m very good at improvising but throw in a vegetable I do not know and it all falls to pieces.

I’m a Sorcerer not a Wizard (thank you D&D for making it possible to reduce this long explanation to a short statement).

One of the things that helps me is to slowly and steadily measure out all of the components (which is why you see so many pictures of things arranged on my chopping board) and arrange them in groups corresponding to what has to be prepared together. Then I arrange these groups in the order they have to be prepared. It’s a very visual process for me. Eventually these images become second nature and I can just start cooking.

Hills II

The flatness of Cpenhagen is also the cause of why we use bikes so much (well – amongst other things). Bikes are firmly part of our culture as can be seen in this fantastic video from 1937


Copenhagen is flat as a pancake. If the water of the ocean was to rise just a few metres a good part of the town would just disappear. But there is ONE hill that has been frustrating people on bikes for as long as I can remember: Valby Bakke.

I was pleasantly surprised to walk past it last week and discover that the part of it that intersects with the local park has been remodelled – making it much easier to use for sleighing. One of the great joys of copenhageners is finding a non-horizontal surface they can slide down using sleighs, plastic bags, tea trays or whatever one can come up with (being creative with your improvised sleigh grants instant recognition and applause).

Originally the corner of the park intersecting with the hill had a solid path leading down the ridge of the hill, directly through a gate and out onto a road with heavy traffic (making sleighing slightly hazardous if you have no means of braking). Now the slope has been angled a bit away from the gate and has two solid paths on the side making it easier to climb to the top. There’s even a little ridge that will stop an errant child on a sleigh heading for the traffic.

IMG_0506 IMG_0507