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The Staff of Abundantia

“A face hidden by a gilded mask. The commoners say the god is impartial to all. That prosperity can come to man and woman, lowborn and noble alike. So they kneel and beg to be blessed. To recieve.

But the truth is this: abundance is anathema to civilization and behind the mask chaos awaits.”




Mask of the Forgotten Court

The court made a contract with the deer – that their faces would be hidden and their kingdom likewise.

In time the contact would prove so powerful that the mask became the face – and the court was truly forgotten.



Portrait of the Empress

Of all the people to grace the throne of the Empire – none was as unlikely nor as beloved as Empress Marina I.



Twelfth Raven Arrow

If you see a raven in flight it is on the way to claim the soul of someone wicked who has passed. It is in their nature to seek out carrion and evil.
A powerful warlock once lived on the outskirts of a hunting camp. When the hunters failed and never returned – dooming their families to starvation – blame was cast at his feet. As the warlock died not one – but twelve – ravens came to claim his soul. For such was the weight of his sins. Although the failed hunt was not counted amongst them.
The skulls of the ravens became the first of these cursed weapons. Always crafted in sets of twelve – although – it is rumored that clever witches create one last arrow to represent the unjust killing of the warlock. The curse of the tirtheenth arrow is one of death.



Serpent Dancer

“No. It is not an assassins weapon as such – but I can see why you’d be confused. You see the etchings alongside the snake design? They are not just decorative. They are a coded reference to the craftsman and that – my friend – is a practice found only in the great city state of Syradin
Syradin – or “Syradinapolis” as it was in the Old Empire – is an ancient city built upon layers of older foundations that has long since sunk into the soft clay that makes up most of the earth in that region. As such the city stretches as far into the earth as it does above it. And that means – I hope you are not squeamish – rats. Multitudes of rats nesting in tunnels that has not seen the light of day for centuries. Squirming, diseased swarms of rodents that can strip the flesh from a person in a matter of seconds and burst through the walls into your bedroom with little to no warning. I see you get the picture.
The Rat Catchers Guild is possibly one of the most powerful organisations in Syradin, rivaled only – I see the light of emerging understanding on your face now – The Snake Charmer Guild. So you see – dearest customer – this trinket does not belong to an assassin. It’s an extermination tool – best not ask why they need them this sharp.”



Spell Scroll

Power sealed in parchment and ink.



Ring of Thunder Resistance

For occasions where “what are you the god of again?” might be a line for you.