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So Eggciting!

The thing with sharing food with your roomie is that sometimes you overstock on some things. Like this Friday when we both brought home a lot of eggs. So we thought we’d have an eggstravagant eggsperience and do something eggstaordinary. Then we decided it sounded like work and just made an omelette.


I always liked the omelette concept since it basically means you can throw anything you want 8or happen to have handy) in to the mix. Besides eggs there are some things that just belong in a good omelette (or “egg-cake” as we say in Danish): purløg (chives), mushrooms, peas and bacon would be my best bet for a wholesome omelette. But chopped up sausages and mushrooms (+ chives) will do just fine in a pinch. I usually spice it with salt, pepper, paprika and a bit of cardamom.



I have no idea why the combination of white bread, beef, egg (it’s inside the bread) and beetroot qualifies at “Parisian Toast”. But it was a delicious break from the hard work that has been going on since Patrick replaced The Randi this Monday. I still miss The Randi but it is also nice to be living with one of your very good friends.


Good Morning

Normally I don’t drink coffee but some mornings all I want is a big mug of scalding hot black-as-Mitt-Romneys-soul cup of kick starter (well it starts out that way – after adding milk and sugar the brew turns decidedly more left wing). And eggs. I always want eggs in the morning.

Yemaja was not feeling like a morning cat.  After complaining loudly when I got out from under the duvet she just dug in and covered her head with her paws. Leave me alone human.

Eggblog And Onwards

Morning ninjas.


This Is Now An Egg Blog

No really – what’s up with this guy and egg animals?

(it’s a giraffe – WOOOOO!)


Ninja Quickie


Fat Cat For Breakfast

Randi wanted the fat cat. I went with my usual deer/elk (since these are technically Christmas cookie cutters – yes it’s a Christmas cat – I guess it’s a reindeer). An apple and a little slice of yesterdays apple cake/pie/tart (still haven’t figured it out) plus some bacon makes for yummy.