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More Monk

I enjoy trying out new builds for my Monk. This – however – is the build I found myself defaulting back to as I was levelling. I call it:

Iason Is A Control Freak



Monster Power

It did not take me that long to discover what the future of my Diablo III experience was: Monster Power. Again it is amazing how scaling the difficulty can keep the game exciting and fresh (the same strategy used to lure you into playing the same story four times on Normal through Inferno). I have always been happy with tweaking my characters and I guess that’s a trait you need if you want to keep enjoying playing Diablo III.¬†What I like in particular about being able to scale the dificulty of the monsters in the game is:

  • Reward increase: you are not doing it for nothing.
  • It’s easy to use but not to the point where you treat it without respect (as you have to leave the game and start a quest and stack of Nephalem Valor over if you want to adjust)
  • The fact that monster health is increased more than monster damage – Diablo is about mass murder (of demons – so it’s ok) – not defensive play.



Diablo III


I have not talked a lot about Diablo III which is strange since it’s one of the games I have enjoyed the most this year. perhaps the reason I do not feel all that compelled to comment on it is the fact that it’s a game you sit down and play… and then you feel pretty good in general. The Diablo style dark fantasy/semi-rpg hack-n-slash concept is at it’s best. The gameplay is complicated enough to be interesting (but not so complicated you need a guide), the story is compelling (but not so much you find yourself wanting to write fan fiction) and the multiplayer option is entertaining and social (without being overly complicated and the only way to play some of the important content). All in all it’s a pretty good game (no really – it’s great)

I find that I have now beaten the game on the hardest level. That is: taken down the Lord of Terror (excuse me… Prime Evil) on the hardest possible difficulty. I do not know what to do with the game now. Do I level another character? Do i start farming for even better equipment? Do I start farming for gold to get better equipment/access to things that costs gold? It seems to me most of my options are now farm-related (I’m not entirely opposed to that since it means more fighting and honing my monkly skills) and it robs me of motivation that there’s no clear path of progression laid out in front of me right now – and I don’t feel like I’m asking for much – after all my previous path of progression was going through the same story and beating the same boss on four different levels of dificulty. I’m easy.