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More Mounted Commander

If the classic game of “Rock, Paper, Scissors” was really called “Elf, Eagle, Lion” this guy would win it all the time!

I actually painted this model some time ago but decided to do a few “touchups”. Mainly to make it more interesting to look at. All in all it is not a super exciting model – perhaps the least exciting one to come out of the Island of Blood pack – which is a shame since it is meant to be a centerpiece. The elf lord is all wrapped up in his armor, the griffon is mainly defined by its feathers which I – after numerous attempts at doing something interesting with – just decided to drybrush in scales of gray and call it a day.

Oh well. All in all it is a nice and dynamic miniature and even an elf hero can bring a mean griffon to the fight which means it might get to see some use as well. I really wish that elf commanders had the option of being more aggressive. Mostly though you will spend points giving them Ward Saves and other defensive measures because they are just too precious to make into glass cannon killing machines. in an elf army there is no such thing as “expendable” – especially if you spent the points on a Ld 10 commander.

End rant. Here pictures:

photo 1


Lizard Butt

I am not 100% satisfied with how ESO handles less-than-human anatomy. For example my Argonian witch Speaks-With-Skulls has a tail. This tail protrudes from any gear she wears but instead of there being a hole or some other kind of adaptation in the gear she wears it simply just penetrates the texture – in a not so elegant manner.

I do feel like if you want to have your Argonians and Kajhiit they deserve something better. Like gear actually adapted to their anatomy.



My Kingdom For a Mounted Commander!

A project I have been working on for some time now. Finally it has come together. Nothing is more exciting than painting the last detail and starting to assemble the model. I find that very often you do not get the gradual “satisfaction” of seeing the work progressing because you are working on several separate parts at the same time.

This is meant as both a character/battle standard and as a nice standard-bearing centerpiece for my unit of Silver Helms. I do love my cavalry (despite them being very expensive and vulnerable units that will draw fire from every war machine and mad sorcerer on the battle field). I was so happy when the Silver Helms returned to being Core units in the current edition of the High Elf book. Mostly because I like the option of fielding an all mounted army. But also because having them in the Special section never made any sense. There is nothing special about these knights except that they are knights (good armor save, hard hitting charge and fast and stuff) and if you were going to spend Special unit points on cavalry of course you’d choose Dragon Princes.

Ok – end rant. Here is the finished miniature:


Unicorn Burgers

It’s a secret family recipe.

Universal Truth

Steam has a lot of nice special offers these days. One of them being Orcs Must Die! …in which carnage is the word of the day.


Puzzle Quest II

Since Lasse and Adrian are actually using their TV these days (for what we shall not speak of) I’ve had to take steps. Drastic steps. Thankfully Puzzle Quest II is also avaliable on Steam and I’ve just played through the storyline.



I often spend evenings on the couch belonging to two of my very good friends. On this couch I will be reading comics, playing games, watching movies and… series. I dabble in the art of watching series. The only thing I’ve ever watched from end to end on my own was Buffy (I stand by my actions) and recently I’ve been guided through the newest installment of Star Trek: Enterprise.

Recently we’ve spent three days in a row going through the latest retelling of the legend of Arthur, his knights and all those well loved characters. It’s called Camelot and I like it. A lot.