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adrian and I are cautiously eying the Age of Sigmar rules – which leads to miniatures being worked on.

My “autumn theme” is something I’m doing because I want to be able to have a common denominator for my Wood Elves and High Elves and it requires work on both existing and new models (as well as a few terrain pieces).




Today – as The Randi was playing around with my High Elves – it occured to me that a huge block of spearmen would be able to deliver a devastating amount of attacks.

Elf cluster!

Normally I field the spearmen in two units of 25. A solid 5×5 box. But if arranged in a single unit of 50 in a 10×5 formation the unit would count as a Horde.

  • In a normal unit only the first rank of the unit gets to attack with their full attacks (spearmen have a single attack, so not really an issue here).
  • The second rank gets to make supporting attacks (a single attack even if they have more than one attack on their profile or due to weapons)
  • A unit armed with spears is allowed to attack with yet another rank of troops.
  • A horde get’s to add another rank due to – being a big fucking horde.
  • High Elves – being elite troops – get’s to attack with yet another rank.

That’s a solid 5 ranks of attack on a turn they have not been moving. Due to their amazing special rule of always striking first in combat this block of pointy death can take a charge to the face and still be able to get off 50 attacks before the enemy get’s to do anything. Oh actually that would be 51 attacks with the champion present.

And all that for only – eh – 475 points. – and assuming no casualties are taken before they enter combat.