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Hills II

The flatness of Cpenhagen is also the cause of why we use bikes so much (well – amongst other things). Bikes are firmly part of our culture as can be seen in this fantastic video from 1937


Something Nordic

I randomly stumbled across this drawing recently. It is an attempt to illustrate the develpment of Scandinavian architecture by comparing floor plans from three buildings, each symptomatic of the style of their time, construced by three architects considered practitioners (or even founders) of that style.

This drawing was made as part of a school project. We were to investigate Asplunds Villa Snellman. Despite the fact that a historic context was not part of the assignment it was what I found to be the most interesting perspective. It is fascinating to me how it is possible to trace ideas and developments in architecture back to their origins. At times I have the feeling that architecture seems like a completely random discipline. But buildings are born from more than just one mind. We are all part of a more grand story. No man is an island.


I often spend evenings on the couch belonging to two of my very good friends. On this couch I will be reading comics, playing games, watching movies and… series. I dabble in the art of watching series. The only thing I’ve ever watched from end to end on my own was Buffy (I stand by my actions) and recently I’ve been guided through the newest installment of Star Trek: Enterprise.

Recently we’ve spent three days in a row going through the latest retelling of the legend of Arthur, his knights and all those well loved characters. It’s called Camelot and I like it. A lot.


4th of May

Today, ok this is technically tomorrow, we put a candle in our windows in rememberence of the liberation of Denmark from Germany in 1945.