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More Fresh!

This week a guy living in the city stopped by the co-op to share some of his amazing work. He told me how his honey is spicy and rich in taste because his bees experience a greater amount of biodiversity than they would in the countryside. The rural landscape has been carefully gardened while the city remains diverse. I find that very interesting (also the honey is delicious and I am loving how many recipes using honey I am finding these days).




This report straight from summer blog hiatus: fresh things are fine (except the still wriggling fish – they might be a bit TOO fresh. Thankfully some nice lady chopped the heads off them for us *shudder*).IMG_0567

Fruity Morning

The Patrick is promoting some healthy living these days. Which means we have an amazing amount of fruit and vegetables in the kitchen. I love it. We are going to sign up for a local produce co-op later today – it will be amazing to get fresh and locally grown food into the house on a regular basis.

This morning I’m having a whole lot of fruit on top of my cereal – or maybe it’s more like I’m having cereal under my fruit.


On top of all this we have gotten into the habit of making delicious orange/lemon/ginger juice which is a very relaxed and fun activity to be doing together in the kitchen and at the same time the product is so damn delicious.


So Eggciting!

The thing with sharing food with your roomie is that sometimes you overstock on some things. Like this Friday when we both brought home a lot of eggs. So we thought we’d have an eggstravagant eggsperience and do something eggstaordinary. Then we decided it sounded like work and just made an omelette.


I always liked the omelette concept since it basically means you can throw anything you want 8or happen to have handy) in to the mix. Besides eggs there are some things that just belong in a good omelette (or “egg-cake” as we say in Danish): purløg (chives), mushrooms, peas and bacon would be my best bet for a wholesome omelette. But chopped up sausages and mushrooms (+ chives) will do just fine in a pinch. I usually spice it with salt, pepper, paprika and a bit of cardamom.

Retro Rug

I remember playing with my LEGO on this rug when I was a kid. Turns out my mother remembers having it around when she was a young girl too… so far we have tracked it back to the 70’ies… I wonder how old it actually is and what it’s made from…


The New Roomie

He has been here for three weeks or so… and I have almost trained him to make coffee on command.


Good Morning

Normally I don’t drink coffee but some mornings all I want is a big mug of scalding hot black-as-Mitt-Romneys-soul cup of kick starter (well it starts out that way – after adding milk and sugar the brew turns decidedly more left wing). And eggs. I always want eggs in the morning.

Yemaja was not feeling like a morning cat.  After complaining loudly when I got out from under the duvet she just dug in and covered her head with her paws. Leave me alone human.