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Trends In Circles

Today I am sitting in front of a blank piece of paper trying to summon inspiration.

As I resorted to browsing the internet I came across a project by Sonnenhof / J. Mayer. H. Architects featured on Arch Daily. I was instantly thinking about Space Age aesthetics and dreams of a more futuristic… future.

Space Age!Indeed it seemed to me that this could be a set in a fantasy of Stanley Kubrick.  I just had to google images from the Odyssey.

Odyssey1 Odyssey2 Odyssey3




Grown Up Yet?


More Fresh!

This week a guy living in the city stopped by the co-op to share some of his amazing work. He told me how his honey is spicy and rich in taste because his bees experience a greater amount of biodiversity than they would in the countryside. The rural landscape has been carefully gardened while the city remains diverse. I find that very interesting (also the honey is delicious and I am loving how many recipes using honey I am finding these days).


Wisdom For The Ages

If I can pass just one piece of wisdom on to the generations to come it will be this: eat breakfast (and follow up with a good lunch too).

IMG_0443Since I actually got into the habit of kickstarting my body with some proper food and following up with solid fuel at lunch my days have become so much better. Especially when I manage a light dinner so that I don’t go to sleep with a body that needs to spend all of its energy digesting.

Fruity Morning

The Patrick is promoting some healthy living these days. Which means we have an amazing amount of fruit and vegetables in the kitchen. I love it. We are going to sign up for a local produce co-op later today – it will be amazing to get fresh and locally grown food into the house on a regular basis.

This morning I’m having a whole lot of fruit on top of my cereal – or maybe it’s more like I’m having cereal under my fruit.


On top of all this we have gotten into the habit of making delicious orange/lemon/ginger juice which is a very relaxed and fun activity to be doing together in the kitchen and at the same time the product is so damn delicious.


Christmas Traditions IV

The Package Game.

IMG_0148Very popular in Denmark. The Package Game is a chance to win things that you are not really sure you want…


The rules will vary from place to place but the game is always about acquiring packages. In my family everyone will bring two wrapped objects all of which are placed on the table.

For round one a die is passed around and everyone will roll it once in turn. If you roll a 6 you will be allowed to pick a package from the table and pace it in front of you. This continues until all the packages are claimed. Then the game continues in earnest.

For round two a timer will be set for an amount of time known only to the person responsible for setting it. Then the die is passed around the table once more (usually at a furious pace). Roll a 6 and you are allowed to steal a package from one of the other participants. The packages sitting in front of you when the time is up are yours to keep.

This game often gets very nasty, personal and vindictive – which is what makes it so funny. It is quite possible to form a very emotional attachment to certain packages and end up in vicious duels with other players.

Also the choosing of a package is an art form in itself. You get points for originality. You get points for being able to disguise an object as something else. You get points for alluring wrapping and/or sounds coming from within the package. The contents of the package should be something unexpected. Something awesome but useless. Something that makes you laugh when you open it – be it because you won a kind of candy you are allergic to or because you can’t believe you spent 3 of your lucky rolls on winning two rolls of toilet paper.

Christmas Traditions III

The unveiling of the tree.

IMG_0145On Christmas Eve – on the 24th – after dinner and dessert is over with. The tree is prepared and lit behind closed doors. Then it is revealed and everyone goes “ooooh”.
The follows Christmas carols sung while walking hand in hand around the tree after which presents are distributed. The task of being the “Nisse” usually goes to the youngest person capable of rational thinking present. He or she dons a red hat and hands out presents from under the tree. It is considered an art form to be able to keep presents flowing at a reasonable pace.
This was really “Christmas Traditions III-VI” I suppose. Also these traditions are highly specific to my family. Go one household over and things are likely to be completely different.