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Retro Rug

I remember playing with my LEGO on this rug when I was a kid. Turns out my mother remembers having it around when she was a young girl too… so far we have tracked it back to the 70’ies… I wonder how old it actually is and what it’s made from…




My grandfather turns 80 today – that’s a significant number. We celebrated him this past weekend by having “lunch” together. My grandparents mostly seem older now than 10 years ago because they get tired really fast. Bringing them out in the afternoon is just not an option. As such we had Risotto and Osso Buco in the afternoon. They call this “dinner”.


I cannot imagine my life without my parents in it and I feel very lucky to have a mom and a dad who accepts and loves me for who I am (a sentiment I am happy to return in kind). Sadly not everyone has that privilege.

Very Danish

This weekend my mother and I had to come up with some food that was “typical danish”. I’m never sure what to mention as an example when asked about what I consider typical danish food. Potatoes, creamy sauce and meat is what is considered “good, old fashioned food”. But it’s not really like we eat that constantly.

I think that danish people like to cook at home. We like to learn to how to do dishes from other cultures and we like to get inspired and mix them together. There’s a new movement exploring the raw materials present in Scandinavia (famously spearheaded by Noma) and how to create new dishes inspired by those but that’s not traditional. Anything but. Truth is, or so I believe, that “traditional” or “typical” danish food is, in itself, really boring. Solid food. Good for when you work hard in a cold climate. An anachronism.

Still. When pressed we can come up with some interesting ideas. This is a slice of rye bread with a salad mixed of beet leaves, ruccola and spinach leaves. A fried flounder on top. Further on top of that we have some mayonaise, shrimp and parsley. Before eating it you pour juice from the lemon slice onto the fish.