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12 Finished Archers

I put in some extra work and am now done with the Archers. I am really happy with the result and even more so with the lessons conferred to me by the work. Next up is painting a unit of 25 Spearmen (Spearelves) – yikes. They are – luckily – better models with less troublesome robes. Lasse grabbed a quick shot of the finished unit:

1888498_10151893748422452_1813206342_nThings I am especially happy with:

The gems – a simple yet extremely effective technique Adrian showed me. It adds something to contrast the red and white – I plan to make other units using blue, green, purple and yellow instead of the red – I love bright colors.

The bases – just a little bit of attention to detail goes a long way here. I love the autumn leaves and the grass.

Things to improve:

Weapons – I started out with the swirly pattern on the bows and while I like the effect it does not do that well when seen up close and actually turned out better when I botched it and ended up with a more “random” pattern.

Skin – these particular miniatures had been painted before. Another layer of black basecoat (sprayed on) simply did not do the faces and hands any favors. The natural recesses got filed out and I was left with very little to work with when using a wash and trying to highlight or drybrush (the same goes for the hair).


Later in the evening Adrian created an interesting effect by pointing a flashlight at my army (he was inspecting it because I just added the autumn leaves to all my bases).



12 Archers

As mentioned before Adrian is dragging me (and Lasse – although he is proving surprisingly resistant) back into Warhammer Fantasy. I do not mind at all.

Currently we are having fun brushing up (haha) on out painting skills. I have picked out 12 High Elf archers as my project. It’s modest but challenging and I’m very much looking forward to seeing the unit all finished up.

Now these models are not the worst but not the best I’ve been working on throughout my intermittent delving into the hobby. Games Workshop are getting better and better at making miniatures that work WITH you rather than against you when you paint them. The clothes on these archers almost paint themselves once you start applying washes and highlights while the robes are very difficult to work with.

Here’s a work in progress shot: