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More Monk

I enjoy trying out new builds for my Monk. This – however – is the build I found myself defaulting back to as I was levelling. I call it:

Iason Is A Control Freak



Monster Power

It did not take me that long to discover what the future of my Diablo III experience was: Monster Power. Again it is amazing how scaling the difficulty can keep the game exciting and fresh (the same strategy used to lure you into playing the same story four times on Normal through Inferno). I have always been happy with tweaking my characters and I guess that’s a trait you need if you want to keep enjoying playing Diablo III.¬†What I like in particular about being able to scale the dificulty of the monsters in the game is:

  • Reward increase: you are not doing it for nothing.
  • It’s easy to use but not to the point where you treat it without respect (as you have to leave the game and start a quest and stack of Nephalem Valor over if you want to adjust)
  • The fact that monster health is increased more than monster damage – Diablo is about mass murder (of demons – so it’s ok) – not defensive play.