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I call it “The Rainman Effect” when serious mental diseases are trivialized or even romanticised. While I like the film in itself I can understand the criticism it gets for portraying what is a daily struggle for a lot of people as a superpower.

I also remember the time in the 90’ies – early 00s when characters on Ally McBeal exhibited Tourette’s syndrome – usually in a hilarious manner.

And finally I find it strange how Obsessive-compulsive disorder has become somewhat of a shiny medal you wear – partially thanks to countless internet memes (my favourite being about how it should be CDO – for alphabetized correctness). I liked Glee’s Emma for being able to be a funny character on a funny show while still leaving no doubt that her condition was a major problem for her.

I remember a friend asking one of her co-workers to please leave some files in the correct order once she was done going through them and she replied – “Oh don’t worry – I’m OCD”.

All that said I think it’s a good thing that people are able to talk about mental diseases more freely. But I am some times worried that the line between diagnosis and quirk is getting blurred. I’m not sure a prejudice that takes the form of trivialization of a condition is any better than one that takes the form of mistrust and stigmatization.

I suffer from an acute dislike of containers being used for the wrong substance or object. Especially when it comes to vessels from which one drinks. One of my previous roomies tendency to drink water from wine glasses being a prime example. I will often refer to this as an “OCD-thing” but it’s not really. I like putting paper clips on papers, alphabetizing and colour coordinating. As such I react very strongly to this:

IMG_1290But fact remains that I CAN choose not to sort them into individual containers for type and colour. And I think that is important.


Pacific Rim

I am confused. Why are they not turning into gigantic cars?

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I finally got around to seeing Melancholia. While I have deliberately avioded Antichrist I was looking forward to seeing what Trier had come up with this time. I never really considered myself a fan but I guess I do stay updated on what he’s doing and that I have seen most of his movies and projects. I still love to be creeped out by The Kingdom and to cringe at the unbeareable awkwardness in The Idiots.


Super 8

Lasse and Adrian took me to Empire Bio to see Super 8 this Friday. Empire is in my optics the best cinema we have in Copenhagen. The place has atmosphere, the lights are dimmed slightly… it’s a place where you don’t feel like its inconvenient to pick up your tickets half an hour before. It’s a place where I could easily spend a few hours with my book and thanks to their very cosy lounge that would not be a problem at all.

Empire bio has, in my behinds opinion, the best seats which easily makes up for the rather small screens. Also: after the movie I like going to Skt. Hans Torv which is just around the corner with it’s nice bars and places to eat.


As for the movie itself I was very pleased. Spielberg fans will feel a strange tingeling in the place that’s normally reserved for love towards the classic E.T.

Easily the best movie I’ve seen this year though I might revise when I finally manage to pull myself together and get Melancholia over with.