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Kenton Slash Demon – Ore

Kenton Slash Demon keeps popping up at odd moments in my life with something amazing. It is good that things like this happens on random Thursday nights.


Shady Love

Takes three attempts to like it. But then you really like it!


I have a bit of a crush on Jamie Woon. If there’s a soundtrack to the Insomniac Nation this would be it.




Some times I don’t want my neighbours to like me.

Also fondly rememberig my rave kid days… which I kept a complete secret… my greatest fear was the geeks and the rave kids becoming aware of each other. As though the colission of two friend circles would somehow prove fatal?

Bone and Bell

While I was in Chicago I had the pleasure of seeing Joan As Police Woman perform. I’ve been a fan ever since she played at Roskilde Festival in 2008.

As a bonus treat Chicago resident Bone and Bell was kind enough to treat us to some of her delightful songs about beheadings, apocalypse(s) and vegetables.

You can listen to her songs, download her music and buy the CD on her webpage.


Bone Will Break Metal has been a major feel-good track for me for a long time. That said. This is not filed under “delicious” because of the major quartet hotness. Rather it is because Lasse has been to London and probably spent most of his free time at Forbidden Planet. In an attempt to justify this glorious waste of time he brought back presents: ninja cookie cutters.

Ginger Ninja.

Ninja Cookie.

Ginger Cookie.

Ginger Ninja Cookie! (with soundtrack)