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Kill It With Fire

There is one HUGE flaw in ESO that carried over from the Beta: the players.

As an immersionist, a roleplayer and elitist I have many things to say about the base masses of – ugh – gamers. There is – however – one thing that will set me off into North Korean rant style in a matter of seconds and that is people who name their characters poorly.

I don’t get it. You are given this amazing game – a Role Playing Game – with a rich history and a story that is BEGGING you to get involved, creative and personal. Why then do people choose to name themselves after popular anime characters and/or historical figures? Why do they not even bother with a Capital Letter in front of their name? You can be anything and you choose to be a laughing stock, a cliche and just to top it off you also make sure everyone will label you as intellectually challenged 0.3 seconds after mouseovering you? I just don’t get it.

But then again why stop there? ESO is giving you endless options for customizing your characters appearance. This world is beautiful, detailed and diverse. Why not fuck that up as well? I mean… it’s not like a lot of other people will have to spend time looking at the train-wreck of a face you just spent 4 seconds making (to be fair this troll act of a skin job might actually have taken effort to produce – good on you – jerk).

KillKillKillMachinefisting Ponypotter – you are what is wrong with the world.


My Favorite Rant

I have ranted and ranted and then been snide about micropayments and especially games who embrace them fully and unconditionally before.

As such I loved the recent update of The Noob which tackles the subject in it’s own hilarious manner. What I really like about this page is that it illustrates just how I was forced to a halt in a certain games based upon a popular fantasy setting. First a boss encounter – that me and my group had spent considerable time reaching – that we could not beat because the group ran out of certain items (which the game kindly offered to sell us) and then a whole area where fighting the mobs with items obtained without spending money was just not feasible (sure – I had the option of going back to the lower level area and grind until my level alone let me beat the mobs. But game satisfaction tends to fade pretty fast when you can’t play level appropriate content).

In other semi-related news I just got a Hearthstone beta key (my friend calls it “Magic The Gathering for the mentally challenged”) and am feeling my way around Blizzards newest endeavour. I am actually enjoying the game itself. You can get to feel endlessly clever when you play it right… but you can also feel extremely frustrated because a lot of the game is settled by blind luck – that is – do you draw the right combination of cards or not. If your opponent has a good hand to counter your own you will get trampled and there’s very little you can do about it (other than hope for a reversal of fortune – Tymora favour me now).

On the subject of microtransactions hearthstone does not really use that model but I can’t ignore the fact that the “special” cards are usually more powerful than the not so special ones. It is – of course – a matter of combining cards in the right way but when you face an opponent who plays just blue, purple and orange you know you will not be allowed a win. As such you can buy power by buying cards and obtain an advantage over players not spending as much – and that is not a model I’m overly fond of. Again I would much rather spend a one time amount and have more interesting ways to obtain new cards available to me in the game.

And just to round things off – look at this amazing piece of “art” from the Neverwinter webpage:

RPOh no! Dark beings are converging on the busty female – whatever are they going to do to her?!

Oh look there’s a weekly sale next to the boobs too!

Retten Til Brok

En artikel fra Universitetsavisen hvor skribenten i en “kærlig opsang” gør opmærksom på at hun ikke gider “…høre på brok fra folk, og slet ikke studerende med op til seks måneders ferie om året og al frihed og tid i verden, uden børn.”

Nå – måske gider jeg ikke høre på brok fra nogen som ikke lider af en alvorlig sygdom der har sat deres liv på pause. I det mindste har forældre muligheden for at være studerende. Der er altid nogen som har det “værre”.

Jeg har aldrig forstået hvorfor stress er så stort et statussymbol at vi skal konkurere om mest af det. Med mindre formålet er at man kan etablere sig selv som den der har det sværest og fra den position ugyldiggøre andres problemer – Hah! Du har det let!

Et liv er et liv. Du fylder det med hvad du nu vælger (feks børn – som vil tage meget af din tid) og til tider med hvad du ganske uventet for kastet i nakken (måske en skriveblokering under dit speciale – som al tid i verden ikke kan afhjælpe). Om du har svært ved at følge med, om du føler at du ikke opnår det du skal eller om du oplever at være presset er en helt relativ sag. Javist – alle har evnen til at tage sig selv i nakken og rejse sig til at møde deres personlige udfordringer. Men det kræver en helt særlig form for selvretfærdighed og manglende empati at tro at man der den som må fortælle andre at de skal tage sig sammen. Ja – dig – Marie-Elisabeth Holm.

Secular Fail

I’ve ranted about how some secular countries just cannot live up to the standards they have set for themselves. This – however – is just bizarre. One thing is to have an opinion – quite another thing is to simply not know (or possibly understand?) under which conditions you are actually working.

It is a very exciting time in the US right now. Policy and public opinion is very fluid and everyone is pulling VERY hard in their own direction. I hope for more justice, liberty and common sense for all my American friends.

General Prayers

Today is Store Bededag. A day of generalised faith all over a country that’s more oficially Evengelical Lutheran but in reality more secular than most nations claiming to be. It has always been a source of amazement to me that states like the US, Russia and the Baltic/Eastern European area can claim to be secular states when religion has such a huge influence on every aspect and level of society. Why does a secular country require it’s president to take oaths in the name of God? Seemingly identifying religious influence over politics as “values” is like a magical charm that dispels the paradox. A secular state governed on the basis of Christian values? Bah.

Rants aside – in non-secular Denmark where 5% of the population actually practice their religion we eat wheat bread on this day of general prayers. Instituted because all the numerous holy days in the spring were making it difficult to get enough work out of the peasants. I decided to celebrate with ninja toast.



The rape case from Steubenville seems to be a media storm of epic proportions. At least in the US – I’ve overheard a few conversations about it and seen some Facebook shares from European friends but the two continents are still two different planes of existence as far as media goes. That would be an interesting subject for another post but right now I just want to share a couple of items about Steubenville that I have come across.


The Belle Jar – I am not your wife, sister or daughter, I am a person

Showing how important it is to think – realy think – about what you say. Word for word. Because it IS important and what might seem like an affirmation or support can be just the opposite.


The Onion – college basketball star heroically overcomes tragic rape he comitted

A lot of people have pointed out how frighteningly similar this satirical piece (from 2011) is to the actual CNN coverage of the case in which the focus is on the consequenses faced by the convicted rapists – rather than the rape victim.


Buzzfeed – 23 people who think the Steubenville victim is to blame

In case you doubted such opinions exist.



As a gaymer I can relate to a lot of what Anita says about the (straight) male gamers “boys club”. No girls (unless they show tits) and no fags. And if you feel offended – chill – it’s just a game. Why do you have to beuch a fucking pussy about it?

Homophobia – reduced to the basics – often takes the simple form of gays = girls = bad and I still have not played a game of League of Legends that has not contained a homophobic or misogynic slur (and yes – I did almost typo that as “slut”).

Sharing this again because it’s so telling – and so funny: