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General Prayers

Today is Store Bededag. A day of generalised faith all over a country that’s more oficially Evengelical Lutheran but in reality more secular than most nations claiming to be. It has always been a source of amazement to me that states like the US, Russia and the Baltic/Eastern European area can claim to be secular states when religion has such a huge influence on every aspect and level of society. Why does a secular country require it’s president to take oaths in the name of God? Seemingly identifying religious influence over politics as “values” is like a magical charm that dispels the paradox. A secular state governed on the basis of Christian values? Bah.

Rants aside – in non-secular Denmark where 5% of the population actually practice their religion we eat wheat bread on this day of general prayers. Instituted because all the numerous holy days in the spring were making it difficult to get enough work out of the peasants. I decided to celebrate with ninja toast.



Free Pussy Riot

Still chocked to see the ongoing development happening over east.

Pussy Riot

My theater group included a supportive message for Pussy Riot in last years play – and it is my impression that a lot of people got involved in the fight to help the band members. Russia – however – has done what it does best: ignoring the protests and carrying on the ugly work in silence. Two of the band members are still incarcerated today.

Alice says:

Keep spreading the message: FREE PUSSY RIOT!