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I have no idea why the combination of white bread, beef, egg (it’s inside the bread) and beetroot qualifies at “Parisian Toast”.┬áBut it was a delicious break from the hard work that has been going on since Patrick replaced The Randi this Monday. I still miss The Randi but it is also nice to be living with one of your very good friends.



French Sausage Goodbyes?

Sad news: The Randi is moving out… and I still have not posted a proper picture of her. We have been roomies for over two years now and I am really going to miss having her around. Eating her crazy industrial cooking projects and experiencing mysterious miniatures appearing around the house has been a lot of fun. Today she made… sausage croissants?


Fat Cat For Breakfast

Randi wanted the fat cat. I went with my usual deer/elk (since these are technically Christmas cookie cutters – yes it’s a Christmas cat – I guess it’s a reindeer). An apple and a little slice of yesterdays apple cake/pie/tart (still haven’t figured it out) plus some bacon makes for yummy.



Really. Is this a pie, tart or cake? Around here we simply refer to it as an applecake but danish language is notoriously imprecise.

As I was discussing with The Randi one of the hardest things for me to do is to follow a recipe. My head is too disorganised and I have trouble doing, reading and mentally processing information at the same time. Learning how to cook has for me been a process of learning by heart how to treat different ingredients and then combinning the results. I can cook complicated dishes and I’m very good at improvising but throw in a vegetable I do not know and it all falls to pieces.

I’m a Sorcerer not a Wizard (thank you D&D for making it possible to reduce this long explanation to a short statement).

One of the things that helps me is to slowly and steadily measure out all of the components (which is why you see so many pictures of things arranged on my chopping board) and arrange them in groups corresponding to what has to be prepared together. Then I arrange these groups in the order they have to be prepared. It’s a very visual process for me. Eventually these images become second nature and I can just start cooking.

Random Yum

The Randi’s raisin buns are yummy.


Bye Bye Moxie

One of my cats, Mox, died this weekend. She was only 6 years old – although I’ve been told she was an unstable breed – it was very unexpected. Friday she was feeling kindof ill and saturday I called a vet who said her symptoms suggested she had a fever. I was told to give her plenty of water and take her temperature to see if it was critical if she did not feel better the next day. When The Randi returned home Saturday night she found Mox had died while we were gone.

Now she is in a box – waiting for me to take her to the vet tomorrow. I feel bad about having left her alone and I wish I knew what was really wrong with her. She is in the picture in my previous post – feeling completely fine – being her own regal self (taking most of the bed for herself – of course). It certainly was fast. I hope it was also painless.

Losing a pet evokes the same sort of feelings you get when losing a human you cared for. First chock, then sad, then you cry, then you feel guilt, then more sad and then you try to remember the good things (of which there was a lot). Oh and then you feel silly for having all of these emotions about an animal. Then you ask yourself why that is silly – after all I spent more time with Mox than I do with many of my close friends. Now I find myself looking over at my computer on top of which she liked to recline (raising the core temperature by two degrees) and it kindof looks wrong without her on top of it.

I was hoping that writing this post would have a sort of cathartic effect – but maybe it’s a bit too soon for that. I’m going to miss my Mox.


Besides being a good roomie The Randi is also a competent pumpkin carver.