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Woehammer III

I’ve been a bit lax with this update: I actually managed to get Warhammer Online to work. I’m not retracting the harsh words I sent towards Warhammer Online, their customer support, EA and the accounts within accounts ect… I feel they were well deserved. I had not overlooked some shortcut nor misunderstood any instructions. In the end the way to make it all work is arcane to the point of being silly and the website(s) might as well have been written in latin.



Woehammer II

The saga continues.

I have managed to locate the book I used to keep my passwords in. I found the password I used for Warhammer Online and luckily I reembered how to decipher the code I used (what, you don’t write your sensitive information in code?) to protect it.

This, along with the old emails I have recieved from Mythic when I activated the game, means I have the login information… in theory I should be able to log into the game itself.  I decided to give it a go and downloaded the client, typed in my account name and password and…

…ok, too much to hope for perhaps but this is not half bad. It means my username and password was recognised. I’m in the system! (happy existentialist!). Hopefully being directed to the “Account Center” will let me perform the updates I need and also let me resubscribe to the game… who knows? I might even be able to PLAY it!

Perhaps this merry chase is like a feature? A mini game designed to highten ones anticipation and appreciation of actually being able to play?

It’s not working.


I was elated back in the day when they announced Warhammer Online. I pre-ordered the “collectors edition” (which means paying more money to get nerdgasm items) and then forgot all about it.

Then one day it was in my mail. Very wtf moment. I only half remembered ordering it. I even called my Warhammer guru to ask if he had ordered it (some times he has things shipped to my address because he is paranoid) but he confirmed that I had been bouncing around his living room for an hour and a half after placing the order.

I spent days looking over the amazing artwork book which is an amazing piece in itself. Then played the game for a month or two. Got bored and went outside to climb a tree. You all know the story (if you insert WOW instead of the tree I guess).


Now. Years later another friend poked me about Warhammer Online and I must admit I am curious to see what has become of the game. What it turned out as.

I decided to re-activate my account. Only, as it turns out, that is no easy task at all.


I remember disliking the game website from the very start. It was very poorly concieved. Very rigid and unintuitive. At times I suspect that the content and site has been developed seperately. Verily so the content and imagery of Warhammer Online is powerful (the Warhammer World being what it is) but all the beautiful images and rich background story seems like fish caught in a net when presented on the webpage.

Returning to the site… it is roughly the page I remember although changes has been made for the better. Still, it resembles the ugly twin sister of the WoW site.

I choose to go to “account management”. Having dug up the old emails from Mythic with relative ease thanks to my slight case of OCD when it comes to ordering my inbox (2007? Really?) I thought I might have to ask to recover my password, nothing too stressful (2007 was back in the day when I still insisted on using different passwords for every service, game and website I used).

However as I go to “Account management” I am asked to log in using my EA account.

I do not have an EA account. The page, however offers a lot of other options and surely one of those will help me to update the old game account?

I start by slicking “start” since I do need an EA account and I do have a CD key to verify my account. Only that option takes me to a formula to create an entirely new account and I am politely informed that my email address is already in use. A positive thing surely… it means they still know who I am (or at the very least that I am and that’s all an existentialist can really ask for).

Thus, divulging both my birth date and country to the internet, I return to the previous page to try out one of the other options. I notice that your EA account name supposedly is also your email.

So maybe, since they have told me that my email is already in use, my old game account has become an EA account and I can ask to recover/change my password.

I’m a bit confused now since I have just been told that:

1: My email is already registered and so I cannot make a new EA account.

2: My email is not an Account Name.

I return to my point of origin: The account managament page. I look over the original emails sent to me and there is both a “login name” (that is not my email) and a “username”. So my last option is to see if any of these corresponds with the “Mythic Master Account”. My game account might have been changed into one of those… according to the page I can then tie that into an EA account, log in, re-activate and play the game.

The page does not recognise my email or my “login name”. It does, however respond to my “username” and tells me that I should recieve a confirmation request in my inbox soon.

I never recieve an email. As I am politely asked to notice that the email is only valid for 24 hours for security reasons I decide to wait for a day or so just to be sure. No email.

I assume the “username” I have typed in belongs to someone else and I’d like to apologize for having three of these messages sent to you by now (the original, one to be sure and one just to make the screenshot).


That, however, leaves me with no options left. I am unable to access account management and I see no other option than to contact Customer Support for help…